We tailor our 审计 approach to the needs 和 characteristics of each client 和 invest time to become familiar with each client’s business 和 accounting systems.

准备 & 规划: LBMC’s service model begins with detailed planning 和 agreed to timelines to ensure that deadlines 和 expectations are met. LBMC commits to meeting with our clients on a monthly or quarterly basis.
合作: The LBMC 审计 team partners with you as an extension of your own internal resources, 不仅仅是一个服务团队, but as an advisor to the operation of your enterprise.
响应: 作为你们内部资源的延伸, the LBMC 审计 teams are committed to providing timely 和 accurate solutions 和 are able to pivot quickly to meet the needs of your business.


LBMC 审计s approximately 300 employee benefit plans annually, we are a Top 1% benefit plan 审计or in the nation. Our in-depth knowledge includes ongoing training 和 annual CPE requirements, guaranteeing a keen underst和ing of the latest technical 和 financial requirements. 作为全国前25名的福利计划审计师, we have the experience that allows us to tailor our 审计 approach to the needs 和 characteristics of each client.



Internal 审计 services can be used throughout a company’s operations. The primary purpose of internal 审计 services is to help identify 和 assess operational, 公司面临的财务和合规风险, then identify 和 assess the 内部控制 in place to mitigate those risks. Internal 审计 services involve both process 和 system reviews.



The new lease accounting guidance presents an opportunity to proactively implement new processes 和 policies while simultaneously taking inventory of your company’s lease populations, in order to assess the impact on future financial reporting.

服务包括数据提取, 流程映射, 内部控制, 变更管理, 软件咨询, 软件准备, 财务影响建模, 以及对债务契约计算的影响分析.



Service organizations that provide key third-party outsourcing services often need to be accountable to the clients they serve. 这些组织包括索赔处理人员, 应用程序服务提供商, 福利管理员, 工资的公司, 数据中心, 还有很多其他的. System 和 Organization Control Reports (SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 reports) provide three new reporting vehicles developed for service organizations to respond to dem和s for uniform reporting 和 review—exp和ing service organizations’ ability to report on financial controls, 非财务管制及, SOC 3, become certified trusted system service organizations.



Our Integrated TAS team has decades of experience assisting corporate 和 private equity clients in financial, 税, 构建, 报销, 计费和编码, 信息技术, human resource/ benefit due diligence on both the buy 和 sell sides of M&一个交易. Our approach is flexible 和 tailored to each client’s specific needs – creating a long-term, professional partnership that usually lasts well after the deal closes.


谁是LBMC ??

Initially founded as a traditional accounting firm in 1984, LBMC has become the largest professional services solutions provider in Tennessee. 超出了明升体育app下载 , 审计咨询 在服务方面,我们已经成为行业的领导者 会计与金融, 人力资源与招聘, 技术, 风险及资讯保安, 采购, 财富顾问 为企业和个人提供服务. We can be your one-stop-shop for all your business needs.

We primarily work with the following companies 和 industries:

  • 医疗保健
  • 制造服务公司
  • 中间市场公司
  • 私人股本集团
  • 科技公司




查塔努加是一个生活、工作和娱乐的好地方. 点击这里了解更多.


查塔努加 is located in East Tennessee, along the Tennessee River bordering Georgia. 查塔努加 blends the “Big City” amenities with the “Small Town” ease of living with friendly residents, moderate housing costs 和 easy commuting with cultural 和 recreation opportunities that rival those in a large metropolitan area. When not in the office LBMC employees soak in some 查塔努加’s impressive nature l和scapes including breathtaking mountain vistas.



The LBMC 查塔努加 office is located in the Liberty Tower Building located in downtown 查塔努加. 命名为“最佳居住地,” 查塔努加 is now a top destination for businesses 和 families. 查塔努加强大的基础设施, workforce 和 quality of life has attracted a wide range of businesses in mobile entrepreneurs, 配送和运输公司, 高端办公业务, 食品加工制造.

For more information on working 和 living in 查塔努加, visit the 查塔努加商会 网站和查看明升体育app下载 LBMC职业.

What services are offered at the 查塔努加 office?

Our 查塔努加 team works in a variety of industries including manufacturing 和 distributions, 建设, 房地产, 非营利性, 和医疗, 仅举几个例子. We have licensed CPAs 和 other professionals in 税, 审计, 企业估值, 诉讼支持, 医疗保健咨询和遵从性, 风险服务, 人力资源, 招聘和更多. 我们可以在这个办公室支持所有的LBMC服务. 如果您正在寻找查塔努加注册会计师,请参阅 明升体育app下载服务清单 如需更多资料,请浏览 明升体育app下载.



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电话: 423-756-6585

办公时间: 8 a.m. –5 p.m. 美国东部时间,Monday-Friday

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