We understand that growth and change can present challenges for businesses’ accounting and financial teams. 这就是我们为初创公司和成熟公司提供专家支持的原因, helping them implement or upgrade their accounting 系统 and handle trigger events like acquisitions. 凭借我们及时准确的管理信息和财务报告, 企业可以顺利运行,而不需要额外的全职会计人员. 私人股本基金也受益于明升体育app下载后台支持, 包括外包CFO服务和直接投资组合公司支持.

Fund managers face a dilemma between direct hiring and outsourcing to meet their operational needs. 然而, 由于预算限制,很难建立一个完整的后台团队, many are turning to us for our wider range of experience and ability to assume multiple duties and responsibilities. 明升体育app下载解决方案是可扩展的, 非常高效。, 且价值驱动, 为明升体育app下载客户提供他们实现目标所需的支持.

消息提醒! LBMC W平方宣布执行领导团队,任命新任首席执行官

Transition Aligns with Growth of LBMC’s Outsourced 会计 Affiliate Company and Increasing Client Demand

LBMC W平方, 有限责任公司, a national leader in the outsourced accounting profession and an affiliate of top business consulting and advisory firm LBMC, 很高兴宣布由克里斯·摩根担任首席执行官的新领导团队, 迈克尔 史密斯担任高级副总裁, 会计制度与实施, 曼迪·肯尼迪担任副总统, 操作. LBMC W平方 founder Tammy Wolcott will continue to serve in an advisory role for the company, 同时继续担任LBMC采购解决方案的首席执行官.




对于任何规模的企业来说,财务管理都是一项艰巨的任务. That’s why we offer scalable finance and accounting services that deliver transformational value through process excellence, 集成, 自动化, 基准测试, 以及决策支持. 明升体育app下载团队提供人员, 系统, 分析, 报告对于有效地记录你的支出和收入是必要的, 腾出你的时间专注于发展你的业务.

With our services, you can experience significant improvements in the way you manage your company. 我们提供一系列的服务,包括:

  • 月末结账和总账管理
  • 应付帐款和应收帐款处理
  • 现金管理
  • Multi-Entity整合 & 分部财务报告
  • 综合财务报表报告(业务分析、关键绩效指标、董事会报告)
  • 税 & 审计包准备 & 援助

Our solutions are designed to be scalable, ensuring that they can grow alongside your business. 通过与我们合作, 你可以获得专家的支持,帮助你做出明智的财务决定, 简化流程, 最终提高你的底线. 所以为什么要浪费时间独自管理你的财务呢? 让LBMC W平方帮助您改变您的财务管理.


你的LBMC W平方会计团队总是“几乎在大厅里”,一封电子邮件就能到. 明升体育app下载核心竞争力包括:

  • Intacct / MS Dynamics Great Plains -企业级软件解决方案
  • Maxio
  • 比尔.支付平台
  • 费用报告工具
  • 文档管理 & 工作流
  • Ipreo股权平台
  • Multi-Entity管理
  • 数据集成
  • 先进的报告


有效的战略和财务管理对任何企业的成功都至关重要. It involves not only managing accounting departments but also making sound financial decisions that align with the company’s objectives and long-term goals. 明升体育app下载领导团队在应对复杂的金融环境方面拥有丰富的经验, 识别潜在的风险和机会, 制定利润最大化和成本最小化的策略.

LBMC W平方知道每个业务都是独一无二的, 我们提供量身定制的解决方案,以满足每个客户的具体需求. 无论你是一家小公司还是一家大公司, 我们提供可扩展的解决方案,帮助您实现可持续增长. Our team works closely with clients to understand their business operations and challenges, 使我们能够提供个性化的建议和有效的解决方案.

我们为能够提供无压力的财务管理服务而感到自豪, 让明升体育app下载客户专注于他们最擅长的事情——经营他们的核心业务. With our team of experienced professionals handling the accounting and financial management, 你可以确信公司的财务状况很好. 联系 us today to learn more about how we can help your business achieve its strategic and financial goals.


  • 综合财务分析(预算、预测和预估分析)
  • 准备 & 未来货币化事件的流程(资本重组或收购)
  • 投资者/董事会战略 & 沟通
  • 与私募股权/风险资本合作伙伴的关系管理
  • 为财务和业务运营提供战术和战略咨询服务


我们在12月1日完成了一项收购. 在年底前, LBMC W平方 had fully integrated all of the acquired company’s records and accounting practices into our books. We closed December 31 with a completely integrated company and went through year-end audit on that basis. LBMC W平方让一切变得非常无缝.
作为一家财富50强公司的前部门主管, LBMC W平方的模式是我发现的最好的财务和会计外包. LBMC W平方提供的服务级别令人难以置信. I will never bring my finance and accounting in-house as long as LBMC W平方’s service is available. 在未来的商业活动中, 我将永远把我的财务和会计部门外包给LBMC W平方.
LBMC W平方的深厚知识, talent and transactional experience of positioning public and private companies for growth is desirable in the 纳什维尔 market and nationally. Their Wall Street experience helps take LBMC W平方 to a higher level of financial sophistication.
Row Associates成立于2020年初. LBMC W平方 initially engaged with Row Associates by providing a fractional team and system that allowed us to focus on serving our clients and managing operations without the added stress of building a finance infrastructure out of the gate. 他们利用科技, 集成和自动化更智能地工作, 不困难, and proved that cloud based 系统 and a virtual accounting team can work as well or better than an in-house team. 最重要的是, they gave us the right people and expertise to handle our needs and have been able to grow and scale with us.


LBMC W平方与Maxio合作

我们很荣幸地宣布与金融运营平台合作 Maxio 进一步提升我们为客户提供的外包会计解决方案. Maxio的软件产品使SaaS公司能够有效地管理订阅, 计费, 支付处理和指标报告. 除了, Maxio’s software solution provides a framework that allows companies to easily scale as the company grows.

查看PDF核对表: 你是否正与这些问题作斗争?

Maxio的演示: 了解我们如何帮助您.



A 纳什维尔 healthcare investment banking veteran decided to start a highly specialized strategic advisory firm just as COVID-19 began to impact business economies around the U.S. 在国家经济衰退的时候开始一项新事业并不理想, 但他们仍然需要一个完整的后台办公室. They found one in LBMC W平方’s outsourced finance and accounting solution and other LBMC business services.

LBMC W平方 was engaged as the client’s finance and accounting department to design and establish the cloud-based accounting, 账单支付和费用报告系统, 制定政策和程序,并提供所有会计, 采购, 应收帐款和应付帐款功能. LBMC W平方能够支持新系统, 基础设施和服务, 尽管全国政府关门, 通过提供虚拟部署.

客户可以开他们的办公室了, 向客户收费, 支付他们的AP, 并为经营和监管目的制作财务报表. They reached steady state for monthly activity and financial close in under 6 months DURING a worldwide pandemic.  This rapid deployment and successful implementation would not have been possible without the expertise and professionalism of the LBMC W平方 team.


在LBMC W平方,我们重视伙伴关系的力量. We understand that different companies have unique needs, especially as they grow and evolve. Whether you’re a start-up seeking a quick solution or an established business navigating the challenges of growth, we offer a comprehensive solution that covers everything from strategy and leadership to simple transactions.

We approach each project with sensitivity and aim for seamless 集成 into your organization’s culture. 我们以建立信任和提供明确的成果而自豪, 而不仅仅是提供建议. 明升体育app下载合作和目标导向的方法可以帮助各种规模和类型的公司, 从初创企业到企业组织, 动员和激励.

Our proven model of business process partnering has resulted in many repeat customers and a strong track record across a range of industries, 包括医疗保健服务, 专业服务, 技术, 医疗设备, 和SAAS. 明升体育app下载成功证明了我们方法的有效性, 我们一直在努力改进,取得更大的成果.


  • 诚实和正直指导明升体育app下载行为和决定.
  • 我们对质量和可靠性的承诺是坚定不移的.
  • 明升体育app下载团队合作文化产生了信任和成果.
  • 我们尊重每个人的尊严和价值.
  • 除了做正确的事情,我们还通过做正确的事情来领导.

LBMC W平方的领导力

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我们很乐意回答您明升体育app下载的专家可以为您做什么的任何问题. Please send us an email using the form and one of our professionals will get back to you promptly.

LBMC W平方办公地点:

电话: 615-377-4600

办公时间: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday-Friday


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